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Aqua Metal Planter Seconds Sale

Aqua Metal Planter Seconds Sale

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A Seconds Sale is a collection of discounted  items that are flawed in some way. Few of these pieces have glaze defects, fine hairline cracks, dents or shape irregularities. But these beautiful pots are still plantable and absolutely functional.

Our collection of pastel metal planters make beautiful cache pots for your houseplants.

Color- Teal 

Dimension- 6" dia x 6"ht

Shipping- all India


  • Metal planters are meant to be used as cache pots. Do not plant directly, instead place a plastic pot inside them.
  • While watering, take the pot out water your plant thoroughly, let the excess water drain out and place it back inside the planter.
  • Avoid placing the planter in damp spaces.
  • Dust the planter with a dry soft cloth.

Product doesn't include the plant.


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