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Urvi Hanging Planter

Urvi Hanging Planter

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This traditional looking handmade, hanging terracotta planter is a perfect addition for our Indian homes. Hang it at your entryway or in your balcony potted with a Fern or Neon Pothos or any trailing plant. 

Material- Terracotta

Size- 8" dia x 8" ht (there could be +/- half inch difference

Length of the hanging chain- 12"

Color- Maroon with black undertone

Drainage hole p#7C9166resent at the bottom of the planter. 

Note- these pots are handmade. As with every handmade product  there could be small differences in size, shape, texture of the pots. No 2 pots are exact copies,  there could a slight variations in the color of the pots. 

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