Prakrti Garden Boutique blog on Fertilizing Houseplants growing in Leca Clay Balls


Leca is a “soil less” potting medium, meaning it doesn’t provide any nutrition to the plants. Hence it’s very important to regularly fertilize your Leca plants. Now how often to fertilize is up to you. I usually do it once a month.

What kind of fertilizer to use? Well you can go for any liquid fertilizer available in the market. Seaweed fertilizers are great too.

It’s a pretty straightforward process. Choose any good brand of liquid fertilizer, dilute it as per label instructions and water your Leca plants normally. That's about it!

One thing to be mindful of is dilution. It’s very important to dilute the fertilizers as per the mentioned instructions. Doing otherwise leads to more harm than good. It’s okay to dilute the fertilizers a little more than using a concentrated solution. 

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