WE LOVE TERRACOTTA! They are one of the best kind of planters for most houseplants. The warm brown tones when paired with the greens is aesthetically so pleasing. And with time they acquire a beautiful rustic patina. If you love colors, you can get creative and paint them (pastel colors look the best). 

We have planters starting from 2.5 inches to 10" inches in different styles. However, due to fragility and logistic issue we hand deliver most of them within Bangalore. 

Outside Bangalore- If you live outside Bengaluru, we have combined some of our best small and medium sized planters as combos. You can check them out and order directly from our website.

Within Bangalore- Bengaluru folks we have many more designs for you all. To order drop us a message over WhatsApp on 9686878829 and we shall share the complete catalogue.