Tips to create colorful succulent arrangements


Creating Succulent Arrangement is such a fun DIY and a work of art. In the past few years I have created many arrangements for myself and my clients. Here are some tips that I follow to create a colorful compact succulent arrangement. 

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  • Firstly, choose succulents with the same light requirements. Never mix indoor and outdoor succulents in the same arrangement. This is very important otherwise you end up killing the plants due to incorrect light exposure. Here I have used outdoor succulents that like minimum 3-4 hours of direct sun everyday in Bangalore. 
  • Use small succulents preferably cuttings. This way you get to pack them nicely and keep them for a longer duration. If the roots are big  just cut it as much as possible. This will not affect your plant. 
  • Choose an assortment of different colors and textures to make your arrangement really stand out. Here's the basic colors I use:- shades of green, orange, pinks, icy blue, red. Even while grouping avoid placing similar colored succulents next to each other.
  • Arrange them based on their growth pattern. For example:- don't put a trailing succulent like string of pearls/ donkey's tail sedum in the middle of the arrangement.  Place taller succulents in the center followed by the  shorter ones. 

  • And don't hesitate to pack them together. This gives it a nice compact look. When you use succulent cuttings and group them together like this their growth rate reduces quiet a bit.

  • Lastly and most importantly to maintain the arrangement give it the correct sunlight and water. With proper care you can have them for a minimum of 6 months or more before having to repot or tearing it apart. 

Are you inspired to make a succulent arrangement for yourself?


Tips to create colorful succulent arrangements
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