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I get asked quite a lot whether one can keep Cactus inside the house. “Does it attract negative energy/ negativity?

Vastu and Plants

Well I say it’s a Personal Choice. To each their own. 

I have had cactus at home for years now and whatever negativity I come across is mostly in my head (human mind I tell you) 

If you're someone who strongly believes in Vastu or feel that having certain things attracts negativity then don’t keep it. As long as we don’t force our views/ beliefs on another person, follow whatever you feel like. 

Another one is If I could recommend plants that would bring “Good Luck” and in which directions one has to keep it for prosperity etc. 

Now If you google you get so many plant recommendations and specific directions in which each one has to be kept. Like I said earlier if you believe in it go ahead have these plants inside your house. 

However when it comes to the directions please refer to the light conditions of your space . Now as per Vastu you may have kept a plant in a specific spot correctly but if it doesn’t get its required amount of sunlight or watering the plant will have a slow death

For example:- “Money Plant should be kept in South Direction”. Now in your house/ office/ any space if you don’t have a window/ sky view there then your plant will just not thrive. 

So please keep this in mind before placing your plants in specific directions as per Vastu.

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