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Ivy Succulent Pots (XS)- set of 8

Ivy Succulent Pots (XS)- set of 8

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These mini terracotta pots are one of our bestsellers. If you're a succulent lover then you will love them. They are too cute for petite succulents. Use colorful succulent varieties like Echeverias, Graptopetalum, Crassulas, Sedums, Kalanchoe and display them together on a windowsill.   You can also use these pots to propagate your succulents and small houseplant cuttings. 

Material- terracotta

Quantity- 8 pots + saucers

Dimension- 2.5" dia x 2.5"ht

Drainage hole present at the bottom of the planter 

Delivery- pan India

Note- there could be slight variations in the finish of the pots

Product doesn't include plants. 

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