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Leca Clay Balls

Leca Clay Balls

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If you’re a houseplant enthusiast you would have heard about Leca taking a storm in the houseplant world. For those who are new, LECA stands for Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate. 

In simple words when clay is heated to a high temperature it forms these super light, reddish-brown porous materials that have tiny air pockets. The air pockets provide excellent aeration and the clay helps in water retention making Leca a wonderful potting medium. Now Leca is a “soilless medium”, meaning they do not have any nutrition.

You can use these airy balls for:-

  • Propagating Houseplants- propagating plant cuttings in Leca is the easiest among the other methods. A wide range of houseplants can be propagated in Leca like almost all Aroids- Philodendrons, Syngoniums, Monsteras, Pothos, Pilea, Rubber Plant, Spider Plant, Begonia, Snake Plant etc.
  • Growing Houseplants in Leca- You can completely switch your plant growing in soil to Leca. 
  • To Increase humidity around your plants. Although it's not the best method you can use Leca to slightly improve humidity levels around a plant. Place your moisture loving plant like Anthuriums and Ferns under a saucer of Leca Balls with a little bit of water. 
  • Orchid Mix- Leca is a great addition to your Orchid Mix. Add a handful of it along with your other Orchid potting media. The roots will love it. 
  • Terrariums- Leca improves drainage, provides air flow and looks good too making it an excellent layer to be added in terrariums. 

The joy of gardening is experimenting and learning! So try out some Leca for your houseplants and find out if it works for you:)

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